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Haptics (pronounced HAP-tiks) is the science of applying touch

When you are interacting with objects in your day-to-day life, you are applying forces to those objects, but also receiving a force back. This feedback system allows us to feel the weight of a caught ball or the stretch of a rubberband.

Today's Technology

Most commercially available haptic devices are close-sourced and extremely application specific. Due to this constraint; coupled with an expensive price, haptic application development remains highly inaccessible both from a knowledge base perspective and a high cost of entry.

The Haply Platform

The Haply device is a highly robust and configurable open-source haptic hardware development platform. Base on the Arduino Due microcontroller board. The platform allows you to recreate the sense of touch in 2D and 3D virtual environments. The configurable nature of the device gives you the ability to develop force-feedback haptic applications ranging from simplistic 1-degree-of-freedom to sophisticated 4-degree-of-freedom devices.

Don't forget to check out some cool demos here and here.

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The Team

Haply is a group of dedicated tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs with expertise in haptics, robotics, and engineering. The team is currently located in Montreal. Interested in collaborating? Shoot us an email at!

Colin Gallacher, Member
Masters Robotics
McGill University
Steven Ding, Member
Masters Electrical Engineering
McGill University
Arash Mohtat, Advisor
PhD Haptics
McGill University