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The Haply Platform

A highly robust and configurable open-source haptic hardware development kit
Based on the Arduino Due, the Haply platform allows you to recreate the sense of touch in 2D and 3D virtual environments. The device gives you the ability to develop force-feedback haptic applications ranging from 1-degree-of-freedom to 4-degree-of-freedom devices.

The Haply Development Kit (Version 1.0)

The Haply development kit is a robust and adaptable open-source hardware development platform for haptic applications. Designed to be accessible to novices and experts alike, the kit allows you to quickly setup and interact with a haptic simulation using a 2-degree-of-freedom pantograph device.

The kit contains all the mechanical and electrical components needed to construct your own 2-degree-of-freedom pantograph device. With all design files being open source and available.

Using the hAPI or Haply API, and with a myriad of example projects and detailed setup tutorials available, the kit allows you to quickly start developing your own haptic applications.

For more information visit the Dev Docs section

Kit Contents

  • 1x Acrylic top plate/Dev board housing
  • 1x Acrylic bottom plate
  • 3x Suction cup feet
  • 1x Haply control Board
  • 1x Power supply
  • 1x Wire adapter board
  • 1x 3D printed motor housing
  • 2x Motors
  • 1x End-effector handle assembly
  • 2x Plastic joint assembly
  • 1x Micro USB cable
  • 2x Dev board extension wires
  • 1x 3D printed motor stand
  • 2x Bearings
  • 2x 3D printed L1 arm linkages
  • 2x Acrylic L2 arm linkages

The Haply Board (Version 0.3)

The Haply control board is a highly robust and configurable open-source platform designed specifically for haptic and robotic development.

Based on the Arduino Due, the Haply board uses the 32-bit AT91SAM3X8E ARM microcontroller as its core. Side rail pin connections are maintained giving the Haply board compatibility to a majority of available Arduino shields.

Two L298P Motor drivers are incorporated into the board, allowing for precise control of up to four DC motors.

Tech Specs

  • AT91SAM3X8E ARM microcontroller
  • Operating Volatage: 3.3V
  • Recommended Input Voltage: 5-12V
  • Max output current per motor port: 2A
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